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Other Bloggers' Reviews about Karma Waters

Over the years Karma Waters has the honor to know a few bloggers who were our customers, volunteers and donors. They not only came to visit us for our amazing healthy vegan food but also wanted to learn our concept and vision for the world as a whole.

Karma Waters THANK YOU, the bloggers who helped spreading our veganism message as well as helping the poor and ethnic minority communities in Vietnam.

Here are some links of what they reviewed about Karma Waters' charitable work and ethical concept.

1. Never Ending Voyage

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hoi An

2. Rima The Jungle Girl

Karma Waters is more than just a vegan restaurant

3. Vegan Vietnam Blog

Karma Waters Hoi An / Da Nang: More Than Just A Vegan Restaurant

4. Our Curious Georgia

A dedicated video made by "Our Curious Georgia" youtube channel

5. Flowful Podcast

Karma Waters - Vegan Education and Restaurant in Hoi An

6. Jamaican in China…..and beyond!

A charitable day with Karma Waters volunteers in Quảng Ngãi Province, Vietnam

7. Greedy Vegan

Cooking for a Cause in Vietnam

8. Voyagir

Karma Waters is above all a NGO that aims to support the development of lifestyle organic and vegan, to support ethnic communities in difficulties and provide medical support. The restaurants are designed to finance these actions.

9. Messy Veggies

A Vegan Food Guide to Hoi An, Vietnam

10. GTHereWeGo Travel Tales from South East Asia