Karma Waters Charity

Karma Waters is All About Charity

Karma Waters is a Vietnamese charitable organization that helps others via our two vegan restaurants, organized tours/homestays, cooking classes and vegan products that we produce and sell internationally.

We have five charitable programs dedicated to helping make a big difference in the lives of children and ethnic minority families. All of our programs are either free or low-cost supplemental programs.

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Learn how we help others:

  • Nutritional Lunch Program
    The Nutritional Lunch Program serves daily vegan lunches (at a reduced rate) to needy people (poor, low income and students) who come to the restaurant to eat a lunchtime meal. Learn More
  • Vegan Food Program
    The Vegan Food Program feeds sick, disabled and needy people in Central Vietnam Hospitals who are confined in hospitals and whom don't have access to healthy food. Learn More
  • Pending Meal Program
    The Pending Meal Program serves vegan meals to low income people and families in the streets of Danang City. Donations collected in the Karma Waters restaurants' collection box  pay for this pending (pay it forward) meal program. Learn More
  • Ethnic Support Program
    The Ethnic Support Program supports ethnic families and children in need in the Quang Nam Province with clothing, daily necessities and sometimes living quarters. Learn More
  • Medical Assistance Program
    The Medical Assistance Program helps pay medical bills and treatments to poor patients/families in Central Hospitals. Learn More

We are grateful for all donations. All donations go into our general charity fund and are distributed where they are most needed at the moment.

Since the first Karma Waters Restaurant opened in 2005, we have been doing our best to expand our programs to provide free/inexpensive meals to the needy as well as expanding our other initiatives. For years we had planned to bring the awareness to the issues that affect the needy and underserved such that our customers will notice the value of supporting our business and the cause behind it, then "pay it forward" by donating money with the sole intent to help the needy as well as help support sustainable communities.

Finally on May 29, 2014, we launched our expanded programs above, and, via word-of-mouth and social media we have put out our larger message and requests for your help. We are glad we did and we are grateful to everyone who is now supporting us and the cause we stand for. We welcome everyone to join us to help the needy and underserved, because with your donations, we can continue to improve and increase our spreading of real help for the people in Vietnam. Thank You.

Note: Karma Waters is not a registered non-profit due to the costs of setting up as a non-profit association in most countries.  We have plans to do it but at the moment we have no funds available because we use all extra revenue from our restaurants to go to help the under-privileged as you can see the charitable links provided above. Therefore, your donation might not be tax-deductible in your country. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated by us, the people we help and your donations are spent wisely.