Medical Assistance Program

Karma Waters Medical Support Program

Karma Waters Medical Assistance Program

Our Karma Waters Medical Assistance Program initiative helps provide economic relief to poor/ethnic families who struggle to pay for their regular and emergency hospitals bills, current anf followup treatments such as those individuals who are burn victims, suffered accidents, or for those who just require financial aid for their emergency or treatment.
Karma Waters Medical Assistance Program

With this program, funds collected from donors are used  to help pay for surgeries, medicines and treatments. We need as much help as we can get because treatments and procedures here are expensive, due to the cost of medicines that are often imported from other countries. In addition, conditions which are potentially under treated (less medicine or care) due to the patients lack of money often require more extensive treatement later on. Also, a lack of money for an individual could mean less post-emergency treatments for recovery which are vital to healing (physically and emotionally).

With your help, Karma Waters charity program can expand this program and help more underserved people. Check out our photos below so you can see the impact this program has on the children and adults in Vietnam.

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