Nutritional Lunch Program

Karma Waters Nutritional Lunch Program

Karma Waters Nutritional Lunch Program

Our Karma Waters Nutritional Lunch Program supplies a nutritious lunch to needy people (poor, low income and students) who come to the restaurant to eat at a reduced rate (nominal charge to encourage contribution) where we charge them only about US$0.25 per portion. Our daily cost of the ingredients for each of these tasty meals we serve is approximately US$ 1.00, but we only charge each person the equivalent of US$ 0.25. Your generous donations help cover the remaining US$ 0.75 for each meal that we serve.

Karma Waters Nutritional Lunch ProgramRight now we are able to feed 25 people daily that come to Karma Waters restaurant to eat. We know that between the poor, sick and less fortunate people, word of mouth spreads very fast and we also know that the number will increase day by day (as it has in the past).

Our goal is to help more people, not just the old or poor but also the children. And we have to be realistic, yet ambitious, with our goals; we do not ever want to be in the position of having to reduce the number of people who rely on us for their sustenance.

At the moment we have kind supporters donating monthly but not enough to leave us with any surplus for serving more people or emergencies. Whatever you can give, you will be making a big difference to the lives of people.

For example:

  • US$ 7.50 feeds 10 people
  • US$ 15 feeds 20 people
  • US$ 30 feeds 40 people
  • US$ 300 feeds 400 people

Any size of a one-time or recurring donation from you will be used by Karma Waters Restaurants to prepare and serve the meals and in some cases, KW staff also deliver the meals to homes and hospitals where some sick and poor people are waiting for our meal to nourish them.

With your help, Karma Waters charity program can expand this program and help even  more individuals in need. Check out our gallery below and you can see the impact this program has on the children and families in Vietnam.

Every donation helps. Also to see our latest charity updates, photos and charitable impact, visit our Karma Waters Charitable Association Facebook Group.

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