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Whether you've been to our vegan restaurants in Vietnam or just want to try great vegan food, we have a recipe for you. Try our easy-to-make recipes, enjoy a healthy vegan meal and don't forget to share our recipes.

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Gluten Free Baking Recipes

Karma Waters Organic Gluten Free Baking Mix and Cupcake Mix are general purpose baking mix easily used for:

  • Baking muffins, cakes, pizza base, tarts, pies, donuts, cupakes, etc. requiring only a simple electric grill for baking.
  • Baking bread manually or using a bread machine with gluten free program.

Our mixes do NOT contain egg, milk, soybean, colourant or preservatives.

Nutrition facts includes high energy, high protein, high calcium, zero cholesterol, zero sodium.

Ingredients are red rice, beans and non-gluten flour.

With this mix we use bananas as a natural "solidifier" for baking and we do not use sorghum or others.

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